Casino and Video Games: Two Closely Related Worlds

Casino and Video Games

The selection of casino games is now extremely large, so it is sometimes difficult to choose what to play. Just think, the new Cookie Casino Canada, which was launched last year, already has over 2,000 exciting games. That is a huge number!

With the passage of time and the development of technology, the very phenomenon of casino and casino games has gone to the people and to various spheres of human activity. Thus, casino games began to appear frequently in video games. They can be different and are often only part of the game, often optional. So we’re going to go back to these games and show you how they put casino games first.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII is the first game of the saga to be officially released in Europe, in 1997. It made a big splash with its mature story and serious themes, such as pollution, terrorism, and coming to terms with your origins.

However, towards the end of the game, a side-quest contrasts sharply with this heavy atmosphere. This one allows you to access different events, including fights against enemies that work thanks to the slot machines.

Each draw gives you a handicap that you must overcome by fighting an opponent in the arena. The events are therefore quite different from those found in a traditional establishment. You can also access one of the most important side quests in the game: raising “chocobos,” a hybrid between an ostrich and a chicken.

Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas is a title in which you have to survive and complete many quests in a post-apocalyptic world. However, compared to the other games in the series, this one stands out because of its special atmosphere, since you are in a world full of casinos.

Indeed, New Vegas represents the city of Las Vegas and, although the world in which we evolve is destroyed, we can still enjoy many casino games throughout our adventure. Many casinos are open and allow you to win big.

However, these are limited and if you win too much in one establishment, you will no longer be accepted. Please note that you can play slot machines, but also some table games such as blackjack.


Thanks to a DLC of the game GTA V, you can access the casino & hotel in the game. The latter offers you a lot of content. You can carry out several exclusive missions, as well as play a number of gambling games, including poker, roulette, and horse betting.

The latter is very advantageous and allows you to win a lot of money and unlock new items for the game, but also for the online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2, another successful game from the publisher Rockstar Games.

In conclusion

There are many examples of casinos represented in video games. However, they are often included as a side quest that allows you to unlock new items and break the monotony of the game. In addition, they are sometimes adapted to the game world and offer quite new events. It is for example the case of Final Fantasy VII with the “chocobos” quest.

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