Glossary to become a poker expert

Poker Glossary

With this terminology you will play the tables as if you were an expert at the cards.

Poker is one of the most popular games in casinos. Nowadays, there are even television broadcasts of poker tournaments, which have very specific terms that you need to know well in order to watch and play the game. We explain some of them.

“All in” or “go my remainder”.

This is when a player decides to bet all the chips they have in a single hand, as long as it is within the maximum limits that exist at the table. Once a player has bet all in, he can no longer buy chips, and if there are more bets, a pot is made to which he is not entitled.

Ante or buy-in

The ante is the right to play. At the start of the game, each player must pay his starting “fee”, otherwise he will not be able to play. The ante is the first bet that is placed on the table and no matter what happens you must place it.


This is the action that some players do to pretend that they have a better hand than they actually have. The aim of this is to “scare” the other competitors so that they decide to leave the game and the player who bluffs wins even though he has a bad hand.

Bet or bet

After every card dealt you can place a new bet, where you raise the pot of what is being played on the table. Once you have placed your ante, you are dealt a pair of cards and then you can place a new bet each time you receive new cards.


This term refers to matching the bet of another player at the table, i.e. when a player prior to your turn has raised the bet by an amount, you must decide whether to “call” and pay that difference so that everyone is betting the same amount, or leave the game.

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What is Texas Hold’em and how is it played?

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This famous variant is the most played in the casino world and here we explain why.

Poker is the best known card game in the world and in the casino. Its most played version is called Texas Hold’em, which has gained so much fame that there are even televised tournaments, where the prizes are very attractive. We tell you what you should know about this modality.

In it, each player receives only two cards and five cards are placed in the middle, which are used to combine the games, that is to say, you must try to get the best result using five cards, seeing first your cards and then those in the middle, which are community cards.

In each hand, players must place an “entry bet” and receive two cards, while three cards are placed on the table. There is a betting round where you can either fold if your play is not very promising or bet the same amount as the buy-in.

Once the betting round is done, the next two cards are thrown to the centre of the table and so each player must find the best combination to win and take everyone’s bet. The value of the cards is the same as in poker and range from a pair to a straight flush.

More variations

The basic rules are as above but there are slight variations and/or terminology depending on where you play. For example, in many places they call the blind bet the player must make without having seen the middle cards. In other places there are two rounds of betting: one with each new card in the middle.

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