Patent Betting System: Advanced Sports Betting

Patent Betting System

There are a few sports betting systems that can cater to most people who gamble on a one-off basis. A fan of a particular sport or event can have a great time betting on such an occasion. But if you have come to this article about the Patent betting system, this is not the case for you. This is a strategy used by more advanced and knowledgeable bettors in the betting world.

The Patent betting system is used by people who meet two requirements: they must have extensive knowledge of the sport on which they are going to place their bets and they must be an expert in the world of betting. In other words, if you have never bet before, you should try other, simpler systems, and if you don’t know the sport, don’t bet (before you know it), or bet on another sport that you do know.

What is the Patent betting system based on?

The Patent System makes seven different but related bets: three single bets, three double bets and one triple bet, but taking only three predictions. The idea is to maximise profits if all three predictions come true. However, if one or more of them fail, we will be slightly offsetting the losses that we would have had if we had simply made a combined bet.

In other words, we will really be betting on the victory of three teams. At a formal betting level, we will bet on the victory of each of them (3 single bets), the combination between two of them (3 double bets) and the victory of all three (Combined bet). The objective will always be that all three win to make a good profit, but always bearing in mind that failing a prediction will also earn you (some) money. After all, we are talking about an advanced bet that has a risk, but with a small wild card.

Patent System: A practical explanation

Let’s assume (fictitious data) that in a match day there will be three matches Barcelona-Madrid, Betis-Sevilla and Espanyol-Athletic. Let’s assume that you believe that the winners of this matchday will be Barcelona, Sevilla and Athletic, respectively, with the following odds:

  • Single Bet 1: Barcelona to win @1.80;
  • Single Bet 2: Sevilla to win @1.90;
  • Single Bet 3: Athletic to win @2.20;
  • Double Bet 1: Barca & Sevilla Win @3.10;
  • Double Bet 2: Barca & Athletic Win @3.30;
  • Double Bet 3: Sevilla and Athletic to win @3.50;
  • Multi bet: All three win @8.10.

Let’s suppose we bet $2 on each bet. If we win all the bets we will win $47.8 for $14 bet, whereas if we only place the first three bets we will win $27.5 if we also place the same $14 bet.

Let’s say Barcelona fail: In this case, we would win $15.2 for $14 bet. We would barely get any money back.

And if Athletic fail? We would win $13.6. Sevilla? $14.6. In other words, if one of the teams fails, we will make a slight profit or a very slight loss in the worst case scenario.

If one of the teams fails, we would win between $17 and $19, depending on which team fails, if we bet simply. However, if we had made a pure combined bet, we would have lost everything.

Conclusions for this system

Based on the numbers we have seen, we can extract that the Patent betting system is ideal in case of having great knowledge to have guarantees in our bet. It is a strategy that should be applied in cases of expert bettors who have great confidence in three teams in a matchday. At the same time, we will be somewhat more protected than if we choose to place a pure combined bet.

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