What is a goal line in betting? Don’t miss it

goal line strategies for betting

The resources available in sports betting are not infinite, but they are very close to it. Another example of this is the goal line in sports betting, an ideal weapon to get the most out of football events, although it also adapts to other scoring competitions (handball, points in basketball or rugby or games/sets in tennis). Do you want to see what goal line in sports betting means?

Basically, goal line betting means what we might intuitively think it means. We will establish that in a certain football match, for example, there will be less or more than 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 etc. goals, and depending on the result, we will collect or not. For example, if we bet on “Madrid-Sevilla +2.5 total goals” and the result is 2-1 we will collect, if it is 1-2, also, but if the match ends 1-1 we will not collect our goal line bet.

In the same way, we could bet on a basketball match. It wouldn’t be goals, it would be points, but it would work exactly the same in practice. If we say “Barcelona-Baskonia over 162.5 points” and the result is 85-82 we will collect, if it is 70-85 we will not. We must not confuse the goal line, where we establish a minimum or maximum number of goals, with the total goals bets. Now that you know what the goal line in betting is, let’s introduce you to its different variations.

Goal line with match winner

We will mix the money line bet with the total goals bet. It is perhaps one of the most popular, where we put two conditions on an event, both of which must be met if we want to collect. If we put our money on “Madrid win with +2.5 goals against Sevilla”, we would win only with 2-1, but not with 1-2. Nor would we do so with a 2-2 (as Madrid would not win) or with a 1-0 (there would be no more than 2.5 goals).

How else can moneyline bets be used?

  • Both score: In addition to single or money line, goal line bets can be crossed with the concept “both score” or “both don’t score”. If we say “both score and +2.5 goals”, we would win with 2-1, but not with 3-1.
  • By halves: We would be restricting the +1.5 or +2.5 to one part of the event. This option can be transferred to other sports, too.
  • Team: We can restrict that range of goals or points by only one of the participants.

How to make the most of goal betting?

Did you already know exactly what goal line betting was? Perfect, now let’s take a look at how to get the most out of them. The first thing you should look at is how many goals there have been on average in the games of the two opposing teams, to see a goal line range for your bets. Look at everything, but ideally see when they have met in the same competition, in the same stadium and ideally see if their form was similar that season.

In this respect, form will be crucial. Look at how many goals both teams have scored and conceded, the average total goals per game to draw conclusions for goal line betting. The only problem may be that one team will face a team that excels in defence and another that excels in attack, but this is where your art as a bettor will come into its own. Broadly speaking, and as a supplement, you can use this goal data for the main football competitions.

The Bundesliga is the highest scoring competition, with 3.22 goals on average, followed by Serie A with 2.79 (how far behind is Catenaccio). And the Spanish league? It is the lowest scorer of the top 5 in Europe, with 2.53 and behind the Premier League with 2.75 and Ligue 1 with 2.64. This means that adding a +2.5 goals in a match with a not very interesting odds will make it more attractive, but always taking into account the specificities of the teams. In some matches it will be interesting to lower the range, in others you can even raise it.

What are goal line bets? One more resource!

There is nothing magical about goal line bets. They are simply outcomes with a certain probability and a certain price. They are no better and/or worse than other systems such as the handicap in sports betting or simply staying on the goal line. The ideal is to know how to combine all betting resources, knowing that the important thing will always be the predictions you make.

Together with handicap bets or “both score” bets, they are a good way to improve the odds on sporting events. With a good budget management, they have the resources to be a very interesting format. Now you just need luck to be on your side!

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